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Our Classes

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Our introductory classes are designed for students ages 4 to 9 focusing on proper technique, including correct posture, alignment, turn out, placement, class etiquette, musicality and coordination.

Students learn to love ballet as the discipline to all other genres of dance.

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Intermediate ballet students will continue to execute all technique previously learned in prior level. Pre-Pointe work is introduced and incorporated in classes.


Pre Professional Day Program 


Professional track students are students preparing for a career in a professional ballet company. This level is by invitation only 


BALLET 5,6 & 7 Pre Professional


Advanced students generally attend classes five days per week. A minimum of two years of pointe is required for all advanced students.


Our Modern Dance Program builds upon the modern foundation of ballet & offers dancers the chance to develop torso articulation, core & distal pattering, developing body, action, space, time, and energy awareness and expressiveness.


Dancer Jumping in Air

JAZZ & Contemporary

       Our Jazz & Contemporary Programs are 

developed for students

         that truly want to train in the classic & timeless 

      Broadway style of Jazz &

progressive forms of Contemporary 



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Ballet Performance


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